2018.09.30.A - Trumpity Dumpity - "Beast at the door" = 153

Someone's at the door...
"Beast at the door" = 153

eXiT TiMe Published on Sep 30, 2018

"Beast at the door" 

153 Ordinal 153 was the subject of my last video. 
 146 Jewish ordinal 

14/6 is Trump's birthday, shown in this video.

Follow up video: "Omnipresident" = 153

eXiT TiMe Published on Oct 1, 2018

616 Satanic !!?!! 
(616 is the true number of the beast) 

72 Jewish reduced 
(3 of their current ages, 3×72= 6×6×6)

 522 Jewish 
(5/22 was the Manchester Ariana Grande hoax bombing) 

225 ALW Kabbalah 
(As above) 

 52×2= 'ten four' message received code


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