Cry of Battle: Playing at the Texas Theatre During the Staged Arrest of Lee Oswald = 33 (Full Reduction)

Front page U.S. newspaper cover photograph November 23, 1963, showing the contrived arrest of Judeo-Masonic agent being apprehended at the Dallas Texas Theatre in the Oak Cliff neighborhood November 22, 1963. Notice the FREE advertisement for Cry of Battle & War is Hell Hollywood movies.

Cry of Battle (1963) Movie Poster

Cry of Battle (1963)
Black and white/Indie film ‧ 1h 39m

Cry of Battle is a 1963 American coming of age war film based on the 1951 novel Fortress in the Rice by Benjamin Appel who was a journalist and special assistant to the U.S. Commissioner for the Philippines from 1945-46. The film stars Van Heflin, James MacArthur, Rita Moreno, and Leopoldo Salcedo. Set during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, the working title was To Be a Man.

The film staring Emmett Evan Heflin Jr. = 232 (KFW Kabbalah)
and is also the star of Rod Serling's (1956) movie Pattens (...of Power) with a run time of 84 minutes. Emmett Evan Heflin Jr. aka: Van Heflin was born in Walters, Oklahoma = 174 English Ordinal
Heflin was born in Walters, Oklahoma = 174 English Ordinal, the son of Fanny Bleecker = 47 Chaldean (maiden name: Shippey = 323 Primes) and Dr. Emmett Evan Heflin, a dentist. He was of Irish and French ancestry. Heflin's sister was Daytime Emmy-nominated actress Frances Heflin = 174 ALW Kabbalah (who married composer Sol Kaplan = 33 Chaldean). Heflin attended Classen High School in Oklahoma City (One source says Long Beach Polytechnic High School.) and the University of Oklahoma, where he received a bachelor's degree in 1932 and was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He earned a master's degree in theater at Yale University = 211 ALW Kabbalah & KFW Kabbalah.

Texas Theatre = 47 (Full Reduction)
Cry of Battle was featured at the Texas Theatre = 47 (Full Reduction) in Dallas, Texas = 33  (Chaldean) during the contrived arrest of agent Lee Oswald = 33 (Full Reduction). The movie was playing in the Oak Cliff  = 33 (Chaldean) & 63 (English Ordinal) neighborhood of Dallas = 113 (Reverse Ordinal). Texas Theatre was financed and opened by Howard Robard Hughes Jr. = 223 (English Ordinal) aka: Howard Hughes in 1931.
War Is Hell (1963) Movie Poster

Movies featured a "War" theme on November 22, 1963
The Texas Theatre is a movie theater location of Lee Oswald's arrest for the killing of Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit. A supposed police officer that has no given or middle name, just two initials and a surname. However, the history books and Wikipedia stresses his badge number 848.

Initials Guy, aka:  J. D. Tippit's badge number 848

Some interesting gematria that shares Tippit's badge number: "848"
  • Vanish = 848 (Jewish)
  • Falsely accused = 848 (Jewish)
  • Metropolitan Police = 848 (Satanic)
  • Salem Massachusetts = 848 (Satanic)
  • One small step for man = 848 (Satanic)
J. D. Tippit's resting place: Laurel Land Memorial Park = 232 (English Ordinal)
Some interesting gematria that shares "Laurel Land Memorial Park"
  • Central Banking System = 232 (English Ordinal)
  • Department of the Navy = 232 (English Ordinal)
  • United States Air Force = 232 (English Ordinal)
  • Jesus died on the Cross = 232 (English Ordinal)
  • Treaty of Versailles = 232 (English Ordinal) 
  • The District of Columbia = 232 (English Ordinal)
  • Mary Anne MacLeod Trump = 232 (English Ordinal)
  • Satan runs the World = 232 (English Ordinal)
  •  Prince Edward Duke of Kent = 232 (English Ordinal)
 Prince Edward Duke of Kent = 232 (English Ordinal)
(Left) Mary Anne MacLeod Trump = 232 (English Ordinal)
BONUS - YouTuber Screen Name:
  • reallygraceful = 232 (Reverse Ordinal)

Hitler was fucked over by "Zionist" Rudolf Walter Richard Hess
aka: Kosher Unibrow
Hitler burned down Masonic Temples, rounded up and executed thousands of Freemasons for a reason. He was sick and fucking tired of the bullshit.

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