Gematria Word of The Day: Elections

322 Monster Number
Gematria Word of The Day: Elections
A Full Reduction 39
B Single Reduction 48
C Full Reduction KV 39
D Single Reduction KV 48
E Reverse Full Reduction 51
F Reverse Single Reduction 51
G Reverse Full Reduction EP 87
H Reverse Single Reduction EP 87
I English Ordinal 102
J Reverse Ordinal 141
K Francis Bacon 128
L English Extended 462
M Franc Baconis 203
N Sumerian 612
O Reverse Sumerian 846
P Jewish Reduced 43
Q Jewish Ordinal 97
R Jewish 322
S Septenary 36
T Chaldean 36
U Satanic 417
V ALW Kabbalah 138
W KFW Kabbalah 154
X LCH Kabbalah 87
Y Primes 315
Z Trigonal 784
AA Squares 1466

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Elections definition
plural noun: elections
a formal and organized process of electing or being elected, especially of members of a political body.
Taking Heads - Blind
Talking Heads' "Blind," from the 1988 album Naked.