Anytown USA's MK-Ultra Zionist Handlers

MK-Ultra cities' "Zionist Couple" handlers
Dewayne = 322 (Satanic) &  
Laverne = 322 (Satanic)

MK-Ultra Couple Agents pushing the Zionist agenda
In the majority of cities across the United States during the early 1960's, Judeo-Masonic MK-Ultra towns had Zionist handlers posing as married couples and would meet up with their mind controlled pupils on Friday evenings. This Rothschild Judaism make-believe couple would go by the names Dewayne = 322 (Satanic) & Laverne = 322 (Satanic). The mind controlled Judeo-Masonic students would receive their orders for their weekly part on programming their children on becoming good little Zionist consumers and slaves. 

Most of the "Lucky Ones & Baby Boomers" that participated in this MK-Ultra program had their thinking abilities destroyed in their upbringing, and for the most part are all selfish hillbillies. These are the same people today selling the lie, and giving fuel to this current self-destructive monetary system that is enslaving everybody by means of usury. You can identify some of these sellouts by looking at if they were of draft age for the Vietnam war, but did NOT go. Interview them, and they will always have an excuse why they weren't drafted. These are also the ones that have the crypto Judaism, and Masonic Kabbalah coded gematria in their birth names.

The Joneses (2009) trailer

The closest example of this process that resembles the MK-Ultra program by Hollywood is a 2009 movie staring Demi Moore = 147 (ALW Kabbalah) where she plays the character, Kate Jones = 33 (Chaldean), The Joneses (2009). However, "The Joneses" = 47 (Septenary), does not focus on the child abuse programming from the Judeo-Masonic parents, but does cover the push of consumerism. They do not use the real aliases of  Dewayne = 322 (Satanic) & Laverne = 322 (Satanic) as the towns' Zionist handlers in the movie.

MK-Ultra = 33, 93, 174

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