2018.05.12.A - May 12th Podcast Online

Derek's Gematrinator Podcast
May 12th Podcast Online

Gematrinator_85  Published on May 12, 2018

Another breakdown of weekly news by the numbers. This was my first Podcast live-streamed on Twitch.tv. I end the Podcast with an address on my thoughts on Flat Earth. 

Listen to taped show on May 12, 2018: Podcast #11 HERE

  • New NRA President Oliver North 
  • Bandits Kill “At Least 45” in Nigeria 
  • Kanye West Songs Pulled from Radio 
  • SpaceX Launch 
  • 3 Prisoners freed from North Korea 
  • Trump to meet w/ Kim Jong Un 
  • Palmdale, CA school shooting 
  • Delta flight evacuation 
  • Yale – Racial propaganda 

  • James Paxton no-hitter 
  • The 144th Kentucky Derby