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Rap Band logo: Pro Era 47

What is 47?

Published by Jews on Television on Mar 25, 2014

Some symbols showing up around a largely Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn have some residents questioning their meaning.

The stickers and spray-painted symbols have been found spread out on Avenue K, between East 12th and East 16th streets. The hip-hop group that designed the logo tells News 12 Brooklyn it's not meant to be offensive.

The group, Pro Era 47, insists they did not spray the graffiti, but that they did design the symbol. They say it is the number 47, meant to represent balance and peace.

According to the group, the logo is a tribute to their friend, a fellow rapper who took his own life last year.

One viewer tells News 12 Brooklyn the symbols have been in the neighborhood since November. Some residents notified local officials and police, but say nothing has been done to clean them up.

What is 47?

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