2018.04.04.A - Clifford Eberhardt calls the San Bruno Police Department about Staged YouTube Shooting

April 04, 2018 telephone call
Clifford Eberhardt calls the 
San Bruno Police Department 
about Staged YouTube Shooting

YouTube video by Clifford Eberhardt
Clifford calls the criminal organization known as the San Bruno Police Department to ask who is responsible for the Staged Shooting at YouTube. The officer answering the phone was not happy but was willing to send him the Press Release that will most certainly be a cover up.

This Criminal Government must be abolish and all Government and Corporate officials are subject to capital punishment.

I bet Mary Ann (Judeo-Masonic gang member) doesn't e-mail him the press release. Because these thugs don't do anything except rape, rob and steal. It's time to hold these criminal thugs accountable at an individual level. Following orders from a criminal agenda is NOT acceptable any longer.