Audio Flashback

This is Trump's Guy: Carl Celian Icahn
Carl Icahn acquired control of TWA and took the company private in a leveraged buyout in 1988. TWA became saddled with debt. Icahn then sold the airline's London routes for $445 million in 1991. The sale was "a killer" for TWA, because the London routes were very valuable. The airline went bankrupt a year later. In 1993, Icahn resigned as chairman, but signed a deal called the "Karabu ticket agreement," that allowed him to buy. PEASE research: Karabu ticket agreement & Flight 800.

Excellent documentary detailing the TWA flight attendant strike of 1986. This is posted not to inform you for TWA's history, but of Trump's business guy, Carl Icahn. This video was produced by the union representing the TWA flight attendants at the time, The Independent Federation of Flight Attendants (IFFA).


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