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Gematria Word of The Day
Zions Bank
A Full Reduction 39
B Single Reduction 48
C Full Reduction KV 48
D Single Reduction KV 57
E Reverse Full Reduction 51
F Reverse Single Reduction 51
G Reverse Full Reduction EP 51
H Reverse Single Reduction EP 51
I English Ordinal 111
J Reverse Ordinal 132
K Francis Bacon 163
L English Extended 1092
M Franc Baconis 220
N Sumerian 666
O Reverse Sumerian 792
P Jewish Reduced 40
Q Jewish Ordinal 103
R Jewish 742
S Septenary 22
T Chaldean 33
U Satanic 426
V ALW Kabbalah 101
W KFW Kabbalah 157
X LCH Kabbalah 134
Y Primes 360
Z Trigonal 986
AA Squares 1861

Wikipedia: Zions Bancorporation

Zions Bancorporation is a bank holding company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Zions Bancorporation is one of the largest banks in the United States.


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