Gematria Word of The Day: American Red Cross

Gematria Word of The Day
Word or Phrase
  American Red Cross
A Full Reduction   75
B Single Reduction   93
C Full Reduction KV   75
D Single Reduction KV   93
E Reverse Full Reduction   105
F Reverse Single Reduction   105
G Reverse Full Reduction EP   141
H Reverse Single Reduction EP   141
I English Ordinal   165
J Reverse Ordinal   267
K Francis Bacon   243
L English Extended   651
M Franc Baconis   327
N Sumerian   990
O Reverse Sumerian   1602
P Jewish Reduced   85
Q Jewish Ordinal   157
R Jewish   571
S Septenary   58
T Chaldean   51
U Satanic   725
V ALW Kabbalah   195
W KFW Kabbalah   203
X LCH Kabbalah   190
Y Primes   514
Z Trigonal   1308
AA Squares   2451

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>> Red Liberty Fez = 74 (Full Reduction) & 233 (Francis Bacon)

Fez = 51 (ALW Kabbalah)

Also called the the red liberty cap, it was was an integral part of American culture and symbology in the 19th century and is seen in many places in the United States Capitol.

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Aleister Crowley gives a whole new meaning to the phrase: Baby boomer = 33 (Chaldean), the making of the Rh+ Masonic Ape Army.

(((They))) have their Zionist Handlers in every town in America!

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