2018.02.08.A - "Spirit Airlines employee told student to flush hamster down the toilet"

This headline is an example of propaganda by the mainstream news. It's very obvious that someone in a very high place is speaking to their lower level Judeo-Masonic gang members, in the code of gematria.

Exploring the word, "hamster" I found a direct match with the name = lumnije (30/42/84/105/444/168). The only "Lumnije" I could find was Lumnije Thaci. The wife of President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi.

So investigating the news in Kosovo I found this story headlines: 

Why Kosovo Wants Trump’s Help The Balkan nation the U.S. helped secede from Serbia in a 1999 war is now plagued by mafias, ethnic divisions, Russian meddling, and ISIS recruiters. It hopes Trump can help.

PRISTINA, Kosovo —It has been almost two decades since the United States led a sustained NATO military operation in the skies over these lands that, by some lights, could be counted the most successful war in history: over the course of 78 days and 38,000 bombing sorties, not a single American soldier was lost in combat. - posted 02.08.18 4:52 AM ET by The Daily Beast

What are they discussing in the gematria coded headlines?
Kosovo ?
Playing out of Trump's role in the Simpson's cartoon ?
Contrived tanking of the U.S. petrodollar & economy (Stealing the rest of the World's wealth) ?

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