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How media distorts truth
FBI 'Secret Society' in Washington D.C. is real 
+Stormy Daniels & Trump 

Does "The Donald" get the strap-on treatment from Stormy Daniels!? FIND OUT NOW! IT'S NOT WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT! AND TAKE NOTES IF NEED BE!

NOTE: From GEMATRIA NEWS: (on January 26, 2018)
I say this, and it is the TRUTH...

This is your scripted  Judeo-Masonic Mafia at work...
The Federal Reserve System is a Jewish usury bank system that is enslaving you 
and allows their fellow Masonic brethren to monopolize every business in operation.

Not long ago...

All governments are filled with their networked 
coded Zionist minions to keep you enslaved.

Federal, State, County & City (Township include).


Federal Reserve System = 322 (Francis Bacon)
Magog is Mr. (NWO) aka: George H.W. Bush's codename in Yale's Skull & Bones 322.

Word    Full Reduction   Reverse Full Reduction   English Ordinal   Reverse Ordinal
Megog         25                               20                              43                       92
Pence          25                               20                              43                       92

Magog's number match,
Pence is their guy!
Just the other day...

 We END THE FED and take control of our money supply, the game stops in it's tracks!


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