Holocaust, JFK & 911: Unambiguous mapping of Roman-Catholic-Freemasonic geomancy

Unambiguous mapping of 
Roman-Catholic-Freemasonic geomancy
Holocaust, JFK & 911

PeaceGardenSecrets Published on Sep 26, 2017

There is a geomancy laid out in the streets of Rome that has been in place since before the time of Christ that takes form in precise regular geometry. This geometry has its foundation in some of the most ancient roadways and buildings in Rome that Emperor Constantine the Great and subsequent popes, most notably Pope Sixtus V, built upon over the centuries. In modern times, evidence points to Freemasons as having picked up the torch extending the unmistakable geomancy in the new world that connects what are arguably the most important, dark events shaping our current era. More mysteriously, this human geography connects to the very structure of the planet with continental and extreme topographic features lining up. Whether conspiracy or something far more mysterious, the geometry is undeniable.

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