Loose Change 9/11

The film was split up into the following acts and chapters:
  • Prologue: focused on September 11, 2006 and the thousands of individuals who wore "Investigate 9/11" in New York.
  • Act I / Chapter I: Hijackers. Focus was placed on Hani Hanjour. Also talked about how Mohammad Atta was wired $100,000 from the general of the Inter-Services Intelligence.
  • Act I / Chapter II: Wargames.
  • Act II / Chapter I: Pentagon.
  • Act II / Chapter II: Twin Towers.
  • Act II / Chapter III: Shanksville.
  • Act II / Chapter IV: WTC7.
  • Act III: focused on the 9/11 commission.
  • Epilogue: This talked about the Bush administration. The credits music of the film was Remo Conscious' "Loose Change".
September 11th, 2001. An event and a day many will never forget. However, for a growing population this event did not occur during their lifetime, but is merely a footnote in a new history book. Loose Change 9/11 serves as an alternate history book, setting out to ask the hard questions from that fateful day. Combining the four existing editions into one and incorporating new footage released to the public, this high definition version will hopefully leave you looking at September 11th, and the world, differently. Narrated by Daniel Sunjata of FX's "Rescue Me" with an original score by Mic Cartier.


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