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2018.05.25.A - Of Course There's A Masonic Lodge No. 666

Author : Testing Area on 2018-05-25 | 23:52


Brownstone Masonic Temple Lodge No. 666 - 215 W Governor Rd, Hershey, PA 17033

Brownstone Lodge No. 666 F. & A. M.
Constituted 1910
Shaking My Head Productions Published on May 25, 2018

Brownstone Lodge No. 666 F. & A. M. 2018 Constituted 1910

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2018.05.25.A - Baphomet and Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom

Baphomet and Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom
by Robert Sepehr
Robert Sepehr  Published on May 25, 2018

It has been said that the Baphomet was regarded as a god by various groups and organizations such as the Knights Templar. It is most famously portrayed as a goat headed deity, with a human body, harboring both male and female attributes, an androgen, representing perfect balance, a union of opposites, illustrating the old cryptic saying: "as above, so below".

Robert Sepehr is an author, producer and anthropologist specializing in linguistics, archeology, and paleobiology. A harsh critic of the out-of-Africa theory, Sepehr puts forth alternative diffusionist arguments involving advanced antediluvian civilizations, occult secret societies, ancient mythology, alchemy and astrotheology.

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Politicians Killed in Aircraft Accidents

Author : Testing Area on 2018-05-23 | 15:00


What Goes Around, Will Come Around..., Bank = 322 on it.

Politicians Killed in Aircraft Accidents

Tony Gosling archive broadcast of Kenyon Gibson a former U.S. Navy Intelligence officer explaining the death of US Politicians in aviation crashes. Mr. Gibson explores the accident circumstances and links to the Bush Family & the C.I.A. A greedy Zionist Freemasonry plot to rule the United States and the World behind the scenes.

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Anytown USA's MK-Ultra Zionist Handlers

MK-Ultra cities' "Zionist Couple" handlers
Dewayne = 322 (Satanic) &  
Laverne = 322 (Satanic)

MK-Ultra Couple Agents pushing the Zionist agenda
In the majority of cities across the United States during the early 1960's, Judeo-Masonic MK-Ultra towns had Zionist handlers posing as married couples and would meet up with their mind controlled pupils on Friday evenings. This Rothschild Judaism make-believe couple would go by the names Dewayne = 322 (Satanic) & Laverne = 322 (Satanic). The mind controlled Judeo-Masonic students would receive their orders for their weekly part on programming their children on becoming good little Zionist consumers and slaves. 

Most of the "Lucky Ones & Baby Boomers" that participated in this MK-Ultra program had their thinking abilities destroyed in their upbringing, and for the most part are all selfish hillbillies. These are the same people today selling the lie, and giving fuel to this current self-destructive monetary system that is enslaving everybody by means of usury. You can identify some of these sellouts by looking at if they were of draft age for the Vietnam war, but did NOT go. Interview them, and they will always have an excuse why they weren't drafted. These are also the ones that have the crypto Judaism, and Masonic Kabbalah coded gematria in their birth names.

The Joneses (2009) trailer

The closest example of this process that resembles the MK-Ultra program by Hollywood is a 2009 movie staring Demi Moore = 147 (ALW Kabbalah) where she plays the character, Kate Jones = 33 (Chaldean), The Joneses (2009). However, "The Joneses" = 47 (Septenary), does not focus on the child abuse programming from the Judeo-Masonic parents, but does cover the push of consumerism. They do not use the real aliases of  Dewayne = 322 (Satanic) & Laverne = 322 (Satanic) as the towns' Zionist handlers in the movie.
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Aleister Crowley biography

Author : Testing Area on 2018-05-21 | 21:55


The Other Monster of Loch Ness
Aleister Crowley (/ˈæl.i.stə ˈkroʊli/; born Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947) was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer. He founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus in the early 20th century. A prolific writer, he published widely over the course of his life.
Aleister Crowley has double gematria 194's (& other matches)
Aleister Crowley 194 194
ALW Kabbalah KFW Kabbalah
Stairway To Heaven 194 194
A song preformed by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin confirmed member of the O.T.O.
The Da Vinci code 194 194
The Holy Spirit 194 194
The Revolution 194 194
Scottish Rites 194 194
Jesuit Pope 194 194
The God Of Eights 194 194
transportation 194 194
President Adams 194 194
Catholic Weekend 194 194
Put On Notice 194 194
Venus Project 194 194
Audrey Hepburn 194 194
The Second Mile 194 194
The Second Mile (Founder: Jerry Sandusky)
protoscience 194 194
Many Aleister Crowley Masonic Thelemites get married on September 29th, leaving 93 days left in the year.
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2018.05.21.A - Gematrinator_84: Santa Fe High School Flase Flag Decode

Gematrinator_84 May 21, 2018
Santa Fe High School Flase Flag Decode
Recorded LIVE on


This video explains how the Santa Fe High School shooting was a tribute to Pope Francis, who had a movie released about him the same day as the shooting. "Santa Fe" means "Holy faith", and Santa Fe was named after Francis of Assisi, whom Pope Francis is named after.

I also hop on CNN and decode some news stories on the fly to prove what I'm discovering are not coincidences.

Gematrinator Blog:

Learn More about Gematria:
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Civil War is NEEDED in This Corrupt Nation of Traitors!

Corrupt Nation of Traitors
Go Truth Podcast: Episode 01

Go Truth Podcast: Episode 01
Date: 2018.04.27
Audience: 18+
Subject: Zachary K. Hubbard's Wake-Up Call

Download: Episode 01
Subject: Zachary K. Hubbard's Wake-Up Call
Re: You Are NOT Going To WISH Tyranny Away!

This is the audio only track of a delete censored YouTube video of April 27, 2018. A copy of the original video can be viewed at BitChute Gematria News channel.

Links for the video can be found at:
Gematria News:

NOTE: Listen to more like this Go Truth Podcast at: GoTruth
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2018.05.20.A - 22nd × May = (55+55) with 223 days remaining

22nd × May = (55+55) with 223 days remaining

eXiT TiMe  Published on May 20, 2018

Satan = 55 ordinal 22nd of May 2018 ------------------------------ 22 + 5 + 20+18= 65 May x 13th = 65 (Mothers day US) 22/5/2018 is the 142nd day of the year 142 minutes = 2hrs 22mins Hell = 222 Sumerian 142nd day 142 like 14/2 Valentine's day ♥️ 142nd prime is 821, like eclipse date 8/21 ☀️ 142 is 2 x 71, like Trump's age 🎺+🎺 Hell = 71 reverse ordinal 142 is Hex of 322 365 - 142nd day = 223

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Aaron Spelling = 47 (Chalden) & 223 (KFW Kabbalah)

Aaron Spelling (April 22, 1923 – June 23, 2006) was an American film and television producer. Some of his successes include the TV programs Charlie's Angels (1976–81), The Love Boat (1977–86), Dynasty (1981–89), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990–2000), 7th Heaven (1996–2007), and Charmed (1998–2006).

Spelling was born in Dallas, Texas. He was the son of Pearl (maiden name: Wald) and David Spelling, who were Jewish immigrants from Poland. His father worked as a tailor and changed his surname from Spurling to Spelling after immigrating to the United States. Spelling had three brothers: Sam, Max, and Daniel, and a sister, Becky.

At the age of eight, Spelling psychosomatically lost the use of his legs due to trauma caused by constant bullying from his schoolmates, and was confined to bed for a year. He made a full recovery.

After attending Forest Avenue High School in Dallas, he served in the United States Armed Forces during World War II.

Spelling later graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1949, where he was a cheerleader.

Aaron Spelling's LA Mansion For Sale
The widow of producer Aaron Spelling is placing "The Manor" in the exclusive Holmby Hills neighborhood on the market for a jaw-dropping $150 million, making it by far the most expensive home for sale in the U.S.

He married actress Carolyn Jones in 1953, in California. They divorced in 1964. Spelling married Candy Gene (maiden name: Marer) in 1968. The couple had daughter Tori in 1973 and son Randy in 1978. 

On September 15, 1978, Spelling was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame located at 6667 Hollywood Blvd. In 1996, he was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

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Gematrinator Podcast No. 12 - Derek & Zach LIVE on

Author : Testing Area on 2018-05-19 | 13:53


Recorded LIVE May 19, 2018

Zach Hubbard joins in once again for a simultaneous Podcast / Livestream. Some technical difficulties cut out the first few minutes of this show. 

Santa Fe, Texas school shooting 
Gina Haspel - new CIA director 
Melania Trump's kidney surgery 
Shooting @ Trump Doral Golf Club 

NBA Playoffs / LeBron James 
Freddy Peralta - 13 K's in Brewer debut 

Murder by Numbers:
Margot Kidder 
Tom Wolfe 
Chuck Knox 
Joe Campanaella 

...and much more!
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Little House on the Prairie: (NBC television series) September 11, 1974 - March 21, 1983.

Based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's series of "Little House" = 47 (Full Reduction) books, this drama series revolved around the 1870s adventures of the Ingalls family -- father Charles, mother Caroline, eldest daughter Mary, middle daughter/narrator Laura and youngest daughter Carrie -- who owned a farm in Walnut Grove, Minn., during the late 1800s.

Television Program Premise

Based on the autobiographical "Little House" stories, episodes of Little House on the Prairie usually concern members of the Ingalls family, who live on a small farm near the village of Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Many episodes concern the maturation of the family's second daughter, Laura. However, episodes also focus on other family and community members, providing a depiction of life in a small agrarian community in late nineteenth-century America. The show's central characters are Charles Ingalls (farmer and mill worker), his wife Caroline, and their four daughters, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and Grace, though the family expands with the addition of adopted son Albert in season five and adopted siblings Cassandra and James at the end of season seven.

Other essential characters include the Oleson family: Nels, proprietor of the town's general store, Oleson's Mercantile; his malicious, gossiping wife, Harriet, who runs the Mercantile with him; and their two children, Nellie and Willie, and later, their adopted daughter, Nancy; Isaiah Edwards, Grace Snider Edwards and their three adopted children; the Garvey family, Jonathan, Alice, and Andy; Rev. Robert Alden; Lars Hanson, the town's founder and proprietor of the town's mill; and Dr. Hiram Baker, the town's physician. Teacher-turned-lawyer Adam Kendall is introduced at the end of season four and later weds Mary Ingalls, and Almanzo Wilder is introduced in season six and later weds Laura Ingalls.

Television Series Theme

Little House explored many different themes including frequently portrayed ones of adoption, alcoholism, faith, poverty, blindness, and prejudice of all types including racism. Some plots also include subjects such as drug addiction (i.e. morphine), leukemia, child abuse, and even rape. Although predominantly a drama, the program has many lighthearted and comedic moments as well.

Some of the episodes written by Michael Landon were recycled storylines from ones that he had written for Bonanza. Season two's "A Matter of Faith" was based on the Bonanza episode "A Matter of Circumstance"; season five's "Someone Please Love Me" was based on the Bonanza episode "A Dream To Dream"; season seven's "The Silent Cry" was based on the Bonanza episode "The Sound of Sadness"; season eight's "He Was Only Twelve" was based on the Bonanza episode "He Was Only Seven"; and season nine's "Little Lou" was based on the Bonanza episode "It's A Small World".

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Facts About The NASA Masonic Frauds

Author : Testing Area on 2018-05-18 | 14:44


NASA & Freemasonry
National Aeronautics and Space Administration = 666 (Reverse Ordinal)
Fake Moon Landing = 666 (Satanic), 911 (Trigonal)

They're laughing at YOU, not with you...
Astronauts to the moon...ha, ha, ha = 322 (KFW Kabbalah)
Coneheads (1993)
   Fake Moon Landing = 666 (Satanic)
                                        = 911 (Trigonal)
Operation Paperclip = 101 (Full Reduction) 
Operation = 113 (English Ordinal)
Paperclip = 51 (Full Reduction)
                       =  147 (Reverse Ordinal)
                   = 47 (LCH Kabbalah)
milking = 74 (LCH Kabbalah)

Do You Still Believe They Went to the Moon?  
Published on Dec 14, 2017 

Astronauts Gone Wild: 
An Investigation into the 
Authenticity of the Moon Landings (2004)  
Published on Apr 25, 2016 

Bart Sibrel (, an award winning, yet controversial filmmaker, personally confronts eight Apollo astronauts with the newly discovered behind-the-scenes outtakes of fake photography which he presented for the first time to the entire world in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon". 

When Sibrel publicly exposed the astronaut's criminal behavior, he was threatened with violence by one astronaut, physically assaulted by two other astronauts, and threatened to be assassinated by another astronaut . . . all on camera! . . . revealing that these men are not the honorable "heroes" that they appear to be, rather they are a bunch or angry and violent criminals, reacting bitterly for having their evil deeds exposed. 

At time 8:58, when astronaut Buzz Aldrin was confronted with his guilt by Sibrel, who showed him the newly discovered unedited videotape of the fake photography from his mission on a nearby television monitor during an interview, Aldrin accidentally acknowledged the fraud on camera (thinking it was turned off) by declaring, "And this makes you a real famous person for having discovered all this! What an ego you must have to want to propel yourself like this." (How could Sibrel become famous if his accusations had no evidence?) When Aldrin realized that he had made an admission of guilt, he threatened to sue Sibrel if the interview was shown publicly. 

 At 40:29 Sibrel offered astronaut Neil Armstrong $5000 cash to donate to his favorite charity, if he would only take a five seconds to swear on a Bible that he actually walked on the moon. Very nervously, and surprisingly, Armstrong refused to bless a charity with merely a formal declaration of what is supposed to be true. 

At 13:40 astronaut Alan Bean accidentally acknowledged that he never left Earth orbit, by emphatically asserting that he did not travel through the Van Allen Radiation Belts, which are at 25,000 miles beyond Earth orbit. When his hypocrisy was pointed out to him, he made a feeble attempt to recover from his error though a series of more misspeakings. 

 At 48:32 "Peace Activist" astronaut Ed Mitchell violently assaulted Sibrel from behind for exposing his lies, though he just said that he never hits anyone. (He can't go 5 seconds without lying.) Mitchell then threatened to get his gun and shoot him! Forgetting that the wireless microphone was still attached to himself after he closed the door and Sibrel left, the confidential audio revealed Mitchell and his son covertly discussing enlisting their friends at the CIA to have Sibrel assassinated. To this Sibrel said, "I don't it's fair that my taxes should have to pay for my own assassination!" 

 At the end of "Astronauts Gone Wild", Sibrel showcases a short comedic film he created called "Getting Waxed", inspired by astronaut Mitchell's threat, in which the CIA chases and catches him for their devious purposes.

A Funny Thing Happened 
on the Way to the Moon 
Published on Apr 14, 2013 

Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel ( presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the moon, proving conclusively that the crew never left earth orbit. 

Never before in all of recorded aviation has a flying machine worked on its very first attempt, much less the most complicated one ever created, landing on another planet on its maiden voyage, and returning round-trip with a crew that lived to tell, all with 1960's technology, even though the feat cannot be repeated today, by any nation on earth, with fifty years more technological advancements in rockets and computers, thus failing the simplest of scientific protocols, that of independent verification and duplication. Emotional ecstasy and pride, clouds most people's perception of the deplorability reality, that of a government deception to boast domestic morale during a time of unprecedented civil unrest from the unpopular Vietnam War. 

According to William Kaysing, a six year NASA contractor for the "Apollo" missions, a classified interdepartmental memo rated the odds of a survivable manned lunar mission on its first attempt with 1960's technology, at only one in ten thousand. The only way to assure success, and not risk killing the crew on live international television, was an artful bluff by the shrewd Nixon administration, along with their well acquainted counterparts in the CIA. This is why the returning crew looked so dejected, rather than triumphant, at their press conference, as they were blackmailed into lying about the alleged greatest accomplishment of mankind, to the detriment of their own souls.

Bill Kaysing Interview (Never Broadcast)
Published on Apr 14, 2013 

Bart Sibrel's unedited, never before broadcast, interview with, now deceased, original moon landing hoax proponent and former contractor to NASA during the Apollo moon missions, Billy Kaysing. The interview was edited out of Sibrel's "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" at the request of Fox Television to make the film fit into a one hour time slot. 

Mr. Kaysing discusses his first hand account of the incredible atmosphere of engineering ineptitude, on-the-job drunkenness, and endless insurmountable schedule slippages that were rampant in the program, dooming it to failure. "The only way to make it, was to fake it", he said was the underground motto of the staff. Never before in all of recorded aviation has a flying machine worked on its first attempt, much less the most complicated one ever imagined, landing on another heavenly body on its maiden voyage, and returning roundtrip with a crew that lived to tell, all with 1960's technology. (More computing power today is found in a $10 watch). 

According Kaysing, a classified interdepartmental memo rated the odds of a successful and survivable manned lunar landing on its first attempt at one in ten thousand. That is why the returning men of the mission looked so dejected rather than triumphant at their press conference, as they were blackmailed into lying about the alleged greatest accomplishment of mankind, to the detriment of their own souls.

Ralph Rene Interview (Never Broadcast)
Published on Aug 14, 2015 

Bart Sibrel's unedited, never before broadcast, interview with, now deceased, moon landing hoax proponent, Mensa member, and author of "NASA Mooned America", Ralpf Rene. The interview was edited out of Sibrel's "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" at the request of Fox Television to make the film fit into a one hour time slot. 

 Rene discusses numerous scientific reasons why he is convinced that the alleged manned moon landings of the Nixon administration were a Cold War bluff and distractor from the unpopular Vietnam war.

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What is 47? Bacon and Eggs = 47 (Full Reduction)

Author : Testing Area on 2018-05-17 | 16:41


Series: What is 47?

Bacon and Eggs = 47 (Full Reduction)
corbettreport Published on Sep 27, 2017

Because the Beech-Nut Packing Company told you to, that's why. But don't take it from me, take it from the man who engineered the campaign himself, Edward Bernays. So what other ideas have been woven so thoroughly into the fabric of our society that we no longer even stop to think about them?

Note: Beech-Nut = 33 (Full Reduction)

Side note:  Top 10 Reasons not to Eat Pork

1. A pig is a real garbage gut. It will eat anything including urine, excrement, dirt, decaying animal flesh, maggots, or decaying vegetables. They will even eat the cancerous growths off other pigs or animals.

2. The meat and fat of a pig absorbs toxins like a sponge. Their meat can be 30 times more toxic than beef or venison.

3. When eating beef or venison, it takes 8 to 9 hours to digest the meat so what little toxins are in the meat are slowly put into our system and can be filtered by the liver. But when pork is eaten, it takes only 4 hours to digest the meat. We thus get a much higher level of toxins within a shorter time.

4. Unlike other mammals, a pig does not sweat or perspire. Perspiration is a means by which toxins are removed from the body. Since a pig does not sweat, the toxins remain within its body and in the meat.

5. Pigs and swine are so poisonous that you can hardly kill them with strychnine or other poisons.

6. Swine and pigs have over a dozen parasites within them, such as tapeworms, flukes, worms, and trichinae. There is no safe temperature at which pork can be cooked to ensure that all these parasites, their cysts, and eggs will be killed.

7. Pig meat has twice as much fat as beef. A 3 oz T bone steak contains 8.5 grams of fat; a 3 oz pork chop contains 18 grams of fat. A 3 oz beef rib has 11.1 grams of fat; a 3 oz pork spare rib has 23.2 grams of fat.

8. Cows have a complex digestive system, having four stomachs. It thus takes over 24 hours to digest their vegetarian diet causing its food to be purified of toxins. In contrast, the swine’s one stomach takes only about 4 hours to digest its foul diet, turning its toxic food into flesh.

9. The swine carries about 30 diseases which can be easily passed to humans. This is why God commanded that we are not even to touch their carcass (Leviticus 11:8).

10. The trichinae worm of the swine is microscopically small, and once ingested can lodge itself in our intestines, muscles, spinal cord or the brain. This results in the disease trichinosis. The symptoms are sometimes lacking, but when present they are mistaken for other diseases, such as typhoid, arthritis, rheumatism, gastritis, MS, meningitis, gall bladder trouble, or acute alcoholism.

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2018.05.17.A - ICE, Fresh Kitchen, and the State of New York's Divisive Comedy Skit

ICE, Fresh Kitchen, 
and the State of New York's 
Divisive Comedy Skit

Chigozie Truth  Published on May 17, 2018
Watch more of his videos on >> Gematria News Channel 05

ICE, Fresh Kitchen, and the State of New York's Divisive Comedy Skit
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2018.05.15.A - All News Media Loves to Mock Black People

All News Media Loves to Mock Black People
Chigozie Truth  Published on May 15, 2018
Watch more of his videos on >> Gematria News Channel 05

All News Media Loves to Mock Black People
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